implications for caregivers

Implications for Patients, Caregivers, and Clinicians Brought by Aging and Addiction

Addiction is a disease which takes over the the addict slowly but deeply from within. Fighting off addiction at the very first and then steering clear of the urge to relapse is yet another battle to be fought. In this battle, the addict requires firm support and help from its loved ones, caregivers, and clinicians who are standing hand in hand with him as he fights off this aggressive and enormous monster. The patient’s caregivers, loved ones, clinicians, and doctors are

How treating addiction in the elderly is different from treating addiction in younger people

Addiction in the elderly is the most underestimated and underdiagnosed issue. Once diagnosed, the treatment is yet again another whole new dimension. There are numerous differences between the older generation and the young people when it comes to treatment of addiction and recovery from this habit. Their physical bodies and brain are quite different. It has been found that addiction is on the rise in people who are 55 or older in America. These people mainly come from the 1960s and

What to look for when searching for a rehab center?

Drug abuse is life threatening and rehabilitation from alcoholism or drugs can be a lifesaver. Rehab centers all around the world are occupied by drug abusers of all ages, both male and female. If you are looking for help for yourself or a loved one there are many factors to consider before choosing an appropriate rehabilitation center. When looking for a rehab for elderly you should be very careful and research deeply on factors like: The treatment you are expecting Before choosing the