Implications for Patients, Caregivers, and Clinicians Brought by Aging and Addiction

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implications for caregivers

Addiction is a disease which takes over the the addict slowly but deeply from within. Fighting off addiction at the very first and then steering clear of the urge to relapse is yet another battle to be fought. In this battle, the addict requires firm support and help from its loved ones, caregivers, and clinicians who are standing hand in hand with him as he fights off this aggressive and enormous monster.

The patient’s caregivers, loved ones, clinicians, and doctors are a support system on which the patient relies on during his fight with addiction. Let us talk about some of the ways through which one can build up a good support system for the patient fighting with an addiction problem.

    Develop a sense of trust and a welcoming environment

The first is foremost thing is to make the patient break the walls of mistrust, isolation, and fear. The patient’s support system should encourage the patient and try to form a level of understanding and trust with him. In most cases, the addicted patient is afraid of being ashamed, humiliated and embarrassed in the society due to their problem. It is extremely important to provide a welcoming and friendly environment to the patient so he can find the courage to seek help. The helpers should help the patient in building a good level of trust and belief in them and more importantly in the patient himself about the fact that he can overcome this situation.

    Provide motivation

The next thing is to provide motivation to the patient. Usually, the addict might be suffering from severe mental problems including stress, tension, depression, and anxiety. The helpers must find ways to motivate the patient in seeking help and once the patient has started rehab, the need for motivation increases more and more. The helpers of the patients need to encourage them and remind them time and again the fact that though it is quite hard but once the battle has been fought, the patient will be free from the prison of dependence on drugs and alcohol which are, in reality, eating away him from the inside. The helpers should talk to the patient and counsel him regularly. Psychologists and Therapists can also be a great help and provide therapeutic sessions for the patient along with rehab too.

    It’s all about positive vibes

In a nutshell, it is all about offering a welcoming, friendly and positive attitude to the patient. Addiction is not an easy thing to fight off but like everything else in the world, it is also not an impossible thing to do. A positive attitude and encouragement are all a human needs to stay encouraged and enthused to do anything. The patient also requires such a positive attitude towards his struggle and the support of his loved ones to continue his struggle. Express gratitude, be polite with them, understand their situation, appreciate them on their progress, compliment them and ensure them that they are progressing on great levels. The helpers need to send out such positive vibes so that the patient may stay driven with enthusiasm on the road of recovery.

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