Aging & Addiction

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on Intervention

These articles by Jeff Jay provide an overview of alcohol and drug intervention, based on the book, Love First. To read each article (published on the Love First website), click on the title.

1. Introduction to Intervention: This article chronicles Jeff's cycle of addiction as a young man and the family intervention that saved his life.

2. Two Phases of Enabling: Most all families unwittingly enable the addiction to continue. The process is explained in detail.

3. Preparing for an Intervention: Regardless of the age of the person being intervened upon, careful preparations must be made before moving forward.

4. Writing the Letters: A structured family intervention is based in part on the letters which are written by concerned family members, friends, and associates.

5. Intervention Day: When the time comes to carry out the intervention, there are a number of important considerations for everyone to bear in mind.

6. Journey of Recovery: A successful intervention leads to treatment, which is a launching pad for recovery. --Recovery for the whole family.